The End of an Era.

Does anyone else feel like something in your life is missing when your favorite television series ends? Like you miss seeing your good friends everyday?

I personally feel that when a TV series ends, or it goes on hiatus, something is missing. I get so attached to the characters that I miss them when they are gone. And now, with Netflix, I can see a show every single day so when it ends I don’t know what to do with myself.

Recently, I have finished Family Guy, American Dad, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, True Blood, Brothers & Sisters, The OC and Will & Grace; and each time it feels like the end of an era.

Although a lot of my favorite shows are permanently off the air, some of these are merely in their off-season, such as True Blood. To me, this is almost worse, because I am what you’d consider a “binge-watcher”. This means I will literally sit down and watch an entire series in a few weeks.

The cast of True Blood (Courtesy of HBO).

The cast of True Blood (Courtesy of HBO).

However, with True Blood, I can’t do this because it’s not finished. This is when this becomes so painful because I just want to know what happens next. But I guess that’s how life works; you’re always waiting for the end, but never knowing what to expect.

And, lately, my shows have gotten more and more unexpected, such as the ending to How I Met Your Mother. Although I won’t give anything away, a majority of people didn’t know how to feel about the outcome. To me, this proves that TV is only going to get better and better; which makes a “binge-watcher” like me, very happy.

The Final Bow of How I Met Your Mother (Courtesy of CBS).

The Final Bow of How I Met Your Mother (Courtesy of CBS).


My First House

By the end of this week I will have signed my first ever lease to a house, its a scary and exciting experience all at the same time. For the first time living off campus without  parents, my roommates and I went with Meyer Properties to help us find a house. With this move, I will be leaving the comfort of the SIUe dorms and be out in the real world working to pay the bills, not just for leisure.

Along with the bills, this will be the first time my roommates and I will not be going home for the summer. Normally, in the summer I spend my time traveling and visiting my family who live in other states. Trying to plan out vacations in advanced to coincide with the busy summer of work is turning out to be more difficult that I thought it would initially be.

The positives of leaving the dorms are that we can decorate the house however we want. It will be nice being able to hang pictures on the walls or painting rooms the colors we choose and probably the best thing of all is having are own furniture! No more old stained dorm stuff. Being able to have a queen sized bed again will be amazing compared to the small twin beds the dorms provide us.

Our first house.

Our first house.

After College…

When I am finished here at SIUe with my Degree in Public Relations and Political Science, I will have to figure out if I would like to go back to grad school or get a job. My problem with getting a job is that the field I would like to get into requires at least a year of international experience. And unfortunately I was not able to do so when I was in my undergrad so I have a few options: Take grad school abroad, or join the Peace Corps to get that experience.

Children and a Peace Corps member in Botswana, Africa.

Children and a Peace Corps member in Botswana, Africa (Courtesy of the Peace Corps).


Both are great options but now I half to make the hard decision of what do I really want to do. The Peace Corps is a 2 year abroad commitment, where I would have many options on what I could do. That would give me job experience and the time to really engulf myself in the culture of the country I would be living in. If I joined the Peace Corp I would most likely volunteer in the focus of Community Economic Development or Youth in Development or Food Security. I feel like those choices would best fit my Future Career in government.

The Rickshaw Run

The summer of 2015 is when I plan to graduate SIUe with a bachelors degree in public relations and political science. Unfortunately, I will not have had the opportunity to study abroad. And seeing as I am having an international relations focus in political science, I need to have experience, to some degree, with a major international presence. Another huge focus in my life is charity work and volunteering. So I thought, “what is something I could do that would combine everything I enjoy together?” After doing some research, I found something.

The Rickshaw Run is a 16-day, 3500K (2174.8 mile) trip across India in a Bajaj. Normally, 16 days is not long enough to really learn about about a country’s dynamics and practices, but I feel that the Rickshaw Run would do just as nicely as it’s not your typical drive across a different country. For the run, you are in a Bajaj, which is a 3-wheeled golf cart with a lawnmower engine, that is so old it will most likely break down a few times on your way to the finish line. You must depend on your own knowledge of fixing vehicles and the locals to help you fix your broken down buggy.

The typical Indian Bajaj.

The typical Indian Bajaj (Courtesy of The Rickshaw Run).

In addition to this,  among other challenges that may happen along the way, you are encouraged to raise up to $2,000 for the official charity of the Rickshaw Run, Cool Earth, whose mission is to save the rain forest. An awesome benefit of the run, is that it needs to be done in teams, so I would not be going alone. Along with me would be my roommate and one of my good friends who is an anthropology major. She has already been to South America and will be going to Africa this summer to create a study abroad program for the school in Ghana. Also, another one of my friends will be joining us, and he is a communications major who has studied abroad in London. Together, I think we would make the perfect team to accomplish the Rickshaw Run.

My Weekend at Mardi Gras!

My friends and I went to Mardi Gras for the first time this past weekend and it turned out to be another weekend experiencing new things. The first thing we did was check into our hotel room at the Hilton by the Ballpark in downtown St. Louis; which is actually the official hotel of Mardi Gras.

My friends and I celebrating Mardi Gras this past weekend.

My friends and I celebrating Mardi Gras this past weekend.

Then, we walked the few short blocks to the start of the parade route and caught beads and waved at all the floats as they went by. We started to get a little hungry, so we went down the road some more, grabbed a burger and that’s when the parade ended, and the street opened up for the real party to start. At that time, we met up with a few friends of ours and just walked through Soulard and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The patio of Bar 360 on the rooftop of the Hilton.

The patio of Bar 360 on the rooftop of the Hilton.

After we got a little too cold to keep walking, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory and then decided to go to 360, the bar on top of our hotel; you can see the whole city from there. It was a fun time and everyone was in such a great mood, which made everyone have a very successful and enjoyable Mardi Gras!

Changing It Up

Over the weekend, I went home and decided that it was time for a change.  With it becoming spring soon, I felt the need to cut and color my hair a lighter shade. Coloring my hair is something I do a few times a year to change up my look without spending a lot of money. My mother is a hair stylist so I can do pretty much anything with ease, which is good when I have the impulse to change it up.

Along with the changing of the seasons and the new hair this weekend, I decided to start transitioning my closet to spring attire. Every year, this is a daylong event where I go through all of my stuff and hang it on a clothing rack out in the middle of my room and donate the things I don’t want or need anymore. The only reason it takes a whole day, is because I am kind of a hoarder when it comes to clothes; I call it archiving, but my friends call it hoarding.


Some of my clothes on the rack before I decide what to donate.

I am the type of person who believes change is good and I know that with these small changes in my life, it will definitely help change my attitude as the warmer weather rolls in.

One of My Favorite Things

One of my favorite past-times is to cook. In my family, cooking is not just something you do when its dinner time; my parents, my aunts and my uncles are all involved in some sort of cooking. Whether it be in cooking competitions, like my dad, or running their own catering company, like my uncle, cooking can be found throughout my family, and this definitely includes me.

My parents started teaching me how to cook at the age of ten. I was only making simple things, like mac and cheese or ground hamburger, but cooking came easy to me. So, by the age of eleven, I was baking cakes and cookies all on my own.

This last Christmas, I got what every real cook needs; a KitchenAid Mixer. A lot of people just don’t understand how much these wonderful devices can help in the kitchen. For instance, when I am working with thick dough or sticky messes, like Paula Deen’s Gooey Butter Cake, it works so much better than a hand mixer. To me, getting this KitchenAid was solidifying the fact that I can cook and people enjoy my cooking; which is perfect for me, since I love to cook for anyone and everyone!

My KitchenAid Mixer.

My KitchenAid Mixer.